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MEDICARE Specialists

As Medicare Specialists our team of 10 agents deal only with Medicare, and because we are experts at it, you won’t need to be. As Independent Agents we also deal with all the major carriers, and it’s a NO COST service to you.

Our team led by myself, Thomas; and Steve, Shaun, Robert, Daniela, Violet, Kevin, Jeff, Rachael and Joel are licensed and experts in Medicare enrollments in 20 States: AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, IN, MI, MO, MS, NC, NJ, NV, OH, OK, OR, PA, TN and TX.

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We start with Part A and Part B. On top of that there's Parts C and D. Then there is Original Medicare with Medigap Supplements, Plans A-B-D-K-L-M-N and two different G’s along with PDPs. On the flip side is Medicare Advantage. And you need to know about excess charges, Guaranteed Issue, doughnut holes and added IRMAA fees.

Picking the right plan is vital to the healthcare you are going to get and to your pocketbook as well. But where does one even start? This is where our FREE service, to help you sort-it-all-out, comes in.


Thomas Smith


Medicare is very complex which is why, just as doctors specialize, our team focuses 100% of our attention on Medicare as Medicare Specialists. This affords us the expertise to serve your interests most effectively.

As Independent Agents, we represent most of the major carriers for Medicare Advantage, Medigap Supplements and Prescription Drug Plans. This way we are able to evaluate most of the available plan choices and to advise you on your various options to zero in on the most ideal Medicare plan for you.


We will put together a complete evaluation offering you what we think are the ideal Medicare plan choices from both Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare, specifically for you. This evaluation will take in to considering your health, doctors you want to keep, and medications. Our team uses our expert knowledge to do the homework, so that you never have to.

We are available for discussions to help you select your plan and to ensure you understand everything when we sign you up for a plan. Just as importantly, we are there for you after the fact to deal with any issues that arise or plan choice changes you want to make in the future.